Consistent with Hesitating’s forecast for the future techno-hegemony, I want to talk about humanity’s transformation into recipients of constant media. The bombardment of messages and advertisements will plausibly advance to a refined nanotechnological infoducation (read indoctrination) fed to individuals through pervasive media forms. Place heart pacemakers, directed google advertising and GM foods in any sci-fi scenario and you have captured my vision. The internet can forge a purposeful and permanent place alongside governments, corporations, sports-media syndications, and religious groups. I see these cumbersome structures as permanent in the long term. Their domination of mediums will fall away as

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existence, becomes self-referential and knows you. The internet is the metastasization of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with technology. Satire could dictate a precise gigakilananological existence. Each Persoid will be wired for certain public and private pulses. Conditioning will ring out at every street corner like mosquito ringtones. It will bleed through you like the glow of nextbus tracing letters, tracking time and transit as the FTSE100 tracks integers about cherries. Satire can flatten all messages. Satire deadens you for the walk to the BART. Certainly, we need more satire and more irreverence Am I worrying about nothing? Doesn’t satire already exist? Well, U.S. of states if John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the best your nation can muster, then online communities and commentators have much work to do in bringing ridicule upon politicians, clerics, state authorities, corporate-slaves and the much lauded philanthropist. These are of course the main targets of healthy satire, but true satire should adopt a no-holds-barred approach. In my future idea/image-streamed world, forged inevitably by the most cutting satire, no subject will be sacred. For my attention I want to see non-profits ideologically dismantling themselves; schools running entire curriculums in failure; prisons having open days; the homeless running cooperative public relation committees; gold-fish given full SPCA protection (actually, I think this happened earlier this year) and web-servers/browsers/users not having to produce content for commercial/egotist gain. In the future, I won’t be human, I’ll be a tech-dependent-idea-depository. I hope to be indirected to web content via a search engine using satirical-algorithms that mix truth with untruth, fact and fiction. New worlds can be created and old ones ignored. In my future consciousness dictated by satire detachment from others won’t matter. My world will be internally complete. My consciousness will be contradiction free, in that the chaos will be constant. The worlds of other tech-dependent-idea-depositories won’t matter to me. Why do I wish to see a breakdown in the logic of communication networks? I don’t. I want to see a liberation of them from the notion that truth exists and will eventually manifest itself to the world’s population through a democratic tool like the internet. Why is Dada still the most intriguing art form

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of the modern era? Why do fledgling academes focus too heavily on the work of the Situationists. Why do nut-jobs gain any political credibility? Why do young urbanites compete to contract hepatitis? The answer is as obvious as it is common. Ideas are fashion. Nothing matters. We are not united by a grand order that will descend in some hidden-imam/second coming/end of days revelation. We are united by chaos – ask Werner Herzog. I just expect technology to order my personal chaos. We’ll all enjoy our tailored chaoses and rape the world into oblivion If we are heading towards a world in which we have less and less consciousness of our bombardment by media, let’s hope through networking and profiling we can at least set some terms. I want satire to be the only term that defines my future access to information. I am happiest now laughing at everything. It is only the moments of conscience between that depress me. Give me satire as my reality – It will be my utopia. You can decide your own terms….

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