In the spirit of honoring commitments, however sketchily that responsbility gets here discharged, here’s a couple of, to my sensibility, cool items:

These Luthiers. By the

1970s, guitar manufacturing got standardized around the Gibson and Fender models everyone recognizes now. In the ’60s, there’s lots of kool experimental shit. These folks I’ve linked to do neat things with Teisco Del Rays, and lots of other weird guitars from that era (plus they make up names like “jizz-caster” for their weird put-togethers). If you didn’t know Ibanez ever made an actually cool guitar, and that surprises you, this is really a good site to peruse. Bear up, Bison!

Here’s a favorite snuff film of mine (jfk!). I think this is the Dick Cavett Show, from ’70s sometihng–they had such a thing! Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham. It’s really something, even if you’re sincere and not an ironist about things like that.

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