But it’s not as simple as you think it is. I wish it was as simple as pigs versus kids.

Just when you thought that you’d successfully perpetrated the masquerade of adulthood there’s suddenly a squad car peeking in the corner of your eye. It was not passing and continuing down the street as squad cars normally do but had instead pulled into the bus stop which I was walking alongside. The cop in the passenger seat was looking at me and I stopped to look back at him. The mostly full can of beer I had in my hand was prodding various parts of my mind and not in that kindly manner which a mostly empty beer can tends to prod. Feeling a little embarrassed I waved the can in an attempt to convey my sheepishness at so obviously flaunting this display of vice. No reaction could be discerned so, not knowing what else to do, I began to continue my trek home. “Hold it!”

Police Car

My little brown bag had provoked some interest, it seems, but not as much as my leaving. The cop on my side of the black & white asked me what I was carrying. I told him. He asked if it was open. I told him it was. The two cops looked vexed but not in a manner which said,” you’re a horrible person corrupting the morality of the people” so much as it said, “you’re wasting our time lowlife”. The cop on my side (I’d like to think of him as my cop) told me to pour it out. (more…)

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