Many of you will have seen one or both of these two clips. Still, the quality of design here demands another golf clap. The first makes a graphic reality of middle-school teachers’ dreams. It is the cartographer’s logic summarizing Middle Eastern geopolitics. This second is a similar paired down mother-google-earth, time lapse map of US conflict. Or rather, an atlas. The US interests are astonishingly global. It is worth more as an education on forgotten violence, than as a tacky face-off between political parties for fewest war fatalities. Other inclusions about Secret CIA Prisons, the Retaking of Fallujah and Intelligence footage are jolt to the preferred mood. The viewer, me, was accustomed to the tone of the aforementioned, mildly apolitical forays into mappage. Check out the rest of the site. I

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whether it is the creation of socially motivated researchers or entrapment by a government agency, but I like it… Another impeccably designed map. Satisfyingly simple, like a venn diagram. There’s also a belter about religions’ roles in all the comedy we call humanness. Good Night and God Design.

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