I apologize in advance for a second consecutive post that is again heavily youtube reliant.

However, if you take 18 minutes out of your day, please do so for this collection of three clips … that means you, Dave Cohn … brew a cup of tea if you need to multitask.

In introduction, although I want George to do his own talking, George Galloway is an old school socialist that was expelled from the Labour Party in October 2003 when a party body decided that statements he had made in opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq had brought the party into disrepute. He now leads the Respect Party and is Respect Party’s only representative in the British Parliament. He is a

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vehement opponent of Bush, Blair and the Invasion on Iraq. He also hates certain western media conglomerates, or rather … all of them.

Because the British could not handle Galloway’s inflammatory and unapologetic rhetoric, the Americans came gunning for him. Whilst he was fighting a legal battle against London’s Daily Telegraphfor reporting on questionable and biased accusations against Galloway of accepting bribes from Saddam Hussein, Galloway was facing the same baseless inquiry from the US Senate!!!!

To be fair and balanced, although I wouldn’t Galloway’s comments about the media and Bush, Galloway is not the perfect politician. He made the mistake of being a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother. Don’t you think he used a palatable chat and millions of viewers to cleverly convey his political agenda?

I think the closest America has had to a politician like Galloway was James Traficant but then he was corrupt liar and Galloway is not.

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