I have been waiting for my whole life for “the future.” We are a generation who has been promised food in pill form and near immortality. The flying car was a given. I have believed wholly and blindly in that view of the future. But at the turn from 99 to 00, the one no one missed, where were the death rays? Where were the transporters? Where was the monolith that reminded us of our future? I was ready to give up. Then I watched the keynote address by Steve Jobs on the Apple iPhone. No one that is not alive now will ever appreciate the simple genius that comes from giving the people what they always knew was possible but which no one bothered to give us. This is the portable identity that we wanted in ’87. This is the government watching over your shoulder we were warned about in High School but secretly wanted to rebel against. Sign me up for the barcoded, streamlined hereafter. Give me the life’s work that can be dropped down a drain. It is not all that we dreamed of, and I don’t deny that. It is not going to bring us the babe-like serenity of a life without conflict. It is a palm-sized mephistopheles, waiting to supply us with immediate access to the gathered knowledge of mankind in exchange for our self-sufficence, but at this point, I’ll take it.

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