We’ve all seen it once.

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Most of us have seen it at least five times, and then emailed our friends about it while giggling like little girls. I wanted to find out more about the man behind the best viral video of the year , Brad Neely. If you haven’t seen it yet (or you just watched it through the link given), the video is a short comic strip/music video about President Washington, who besides being our first president also ‘fucked the shit out of bears’. The characterization of Washington is so detailed and complete, it almost changes your previous image of who he was…or maybe that only happens after watching it six times. Anyways, the reason why I am personally so psyched about this video is because I spend at least 20 hours a week viewing all that the internet has to offer. My job as ‘content reviewer’ at a video website based out of San Francisco introduces me to wide spectrum of popular videos, from middle aged woman pimp-slapping each other to that goddamn cat spinning around the ceiling fan. After seeing these videos pop up at least 20 times a day, it was a breath of fresh air to see a creative gem like ‘Washington’ come to light. While it doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of play as some other wack videos, it is at least displays some creativity instead of the usual ‘caught on tape’ trend. tim-abraham.jpgSo yeah, Brad Neely, the guy behind the video. He first gained some popularity in Austin, Texas by projecting the first Harry Potter film against a wall and giving it his own soundtrack. The project was called “Wizard People”, and became so popular amongst the small audiences who viewed it that it was set for a U.S. tour. Of course the people from Warner Brothers started moaning and soon all of the enthusiastic venues who agreed to show the piece canceled. Neely had a chance to take it to court, but decided not to pursue the case, adding that he had not made any profit doing the show anyways. Now, the Brad Neely web site (creased comics) is full of great little comic strips showing Neely’s offbeat sense of humor (left). But I have a treat for all of those who loved the Washington video and are craving more: “Cat People”. This is part of a three-piece series that is available on the Super Deluxe site…just click around, I don’t want to keep hyper-linking…I already feel enough like a virgin blogger here. Also, if you want some more of Neely’s take on early American history, get ready for his new project: a comedy novel about the Civil War.

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