It’s been my intention to get a “to-do” list together but as of yet I only remember when I actually find the time and patience to write in my journal and review the latest failings… Been off track a good solid month by now; I’ve run the gauntlet of the holiday season not much worse for wear but still reeling from a variety of events and circumstances which required an easing of my ritualistic everyday existence… I’m a creature of habit but when times demand my flexibility I somehow find a way to loosen the noose and roll with it– finding a way to tighten the noose back up has proven to be a bit more elusive… What’s embarrassing is that it didn’t take much to rip my schedule apart… Christmas is technically only one day out of the year and as my family canadian pharmacy tretinoin cream lives halfway across town there’s not even any requirement that I take time off work, book travel arrangements and figure out how to pack a suitcase so that all my presents fit coming and going… Maybe I felt more pressed because I’ve recently taken on a fifth shift at work and suddenly I have to get shit done on two days when I used to have three… Nothing can be more taxing than finding yourself aimless in the aisles of a store you would never choose to patronize for yourself wondering what you could possibly justify as a caring and thoughtful gift… If anyone mometamax canadian pharmacy was keeping score in the family I’m the clear loser but in the end I did find the time to get the bare minimum for a continued loving familial relationship… Just… New Year’s provided more of a challenge for my day to day as there were suddenly a lot more people in town who I would love to spend time with except I don’t have the time… Fortunately the bulk of everyone who was in town are all friends with one another so quality could be found in quantity but I still needed to flip my schedule around and started showing up at work at 9:30 instead of 10:30, or 12:00 or 1:00 as per usual… Making time for the out of towners bears the cost of putting off the people who live in town who you see more frequently but still not as frequently as anyone would like and so after everyone leaves again you’re suddenly booked for two weeks catching up with the people you’ve just been neglecting… In between quick bites and cups of coffee you’re expected to do laundry and make dinner and buy groceries and then it’s sleeping pills and whiskey to make sure you fall asleep early enough to wake up early enough to make it to work early enough so you can leave early and do that thing you planned on doing after work… Instead of spending your lunch hour writing in your journal keeping track of what’s going on and how you feel about it you’re taking half hour lunches and feeling tired all

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the time… At some point it should be possible to reassert the normal order of events and find some sense of balance but here we go with another week coming in early and dealing with all sorts of surprises… God I wish for a toggle that worked both ways… I think I’m pretty good about flipping when I’m travelling but then I come back and it takes me a month to recuperate from a week away… When you’re out of town you know that you can’t run home to eat a sandwich so you’re going to have to drop ten bucks on a meal… You don’t understand how to make your way from point A to point B so there’s no walking and you’re spending money on subways, cabs, buses or kicking down for gas… It’s like you’re another person entirely– who’s this spendthrift going to museums like they understand culture? Who’s this posh bastard drinking pints of premium at the bar? Then you get home and you’re scrounging to make up for lost time, lost work hours, fighting the disorienting effects of not being away… It’s almost impossible to make dinner suddenly and you’re waiting in line across the street for a falafel… Laundry becomes and alien chore and don’t even think about trying to get up early to get to work early or sitting down for an hour and writing in your journal… And for some reason I think if I just get this “to do” list pasted on the wall I’ll look at it everyday while I get dressed and it’ll wrench my little brain back into shape… This cog turns here and this piston pumps and suddenly I’m back on track getting shit done, being productive, feeling settled and managing my time… Then maybe I can get around to all those projects I’ve been trying to keep straight in the back of my mind that should have cheap cialis 20mg online been on the list for months or years…

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