The title is far too grand for this post which is in truth my own personal reflections on good stuff that America needs to know about. Unfortunately for the yanks amongst our readership, the most chucklesome and inspired comedy I have seen since arriving on these shores is Canadian. Check out the Trailer Park Boys for some boyish rebellion and social debris that is more honest than any offering by American networks. I wouldn’t want to call it social commentary because it isn’t – it is new actors made good by cute script writing and a unique scenario.

I have to admit that when I first arrived in the US of states, John Stewart tickled my fancy. That was five years ago. It was inevitable that Stewart’s platform would eventually be perfected by a greater caricature. The Colbert Report is an inspiration only in

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that it uses the unfathomable logic of American media and politics to poke fun at us all. It’s limitation is its success

– it stabs stoopid Americans in the heart with a stoopid pencil. But only half of America knows what a pencil is, let alone how to use one.

How long will it be before you get sick of Colbert’s rapport? If you’re not turning off your sets when Colbert reaches for his “gutsy” lance of truth, then you should soon. Carry your television set to the roof and throw it to the concrete. What now you ask?

TV is for idiots. Go to youtube, liveleak, videoegg or any web based self broadcast interface of your choosing. All well and good. But where to start? Begin by checking out what the ladies and gents in your home town are doing. You may be surprised…

Alternatively, type in the name of any random mammal followed by the word “attack” and you’ll get some side splitting results. If that doesn’t grab your fancy check out my own sole offering.

Meanwhile, open up another tab and buy, pilfer or download the following recommendations

Time Trumpet. Armando Lanucci continues his smug ambivalence. This clip summarises the distressing trend toward two party, centrist, spin-laded politicking that Britain must now endure. I fear there is no way back. For your information, David Cameron is the leader of the opposition in Britain, but that isn’t important. Cameron recently instructed the Conservative party to post its campaign ads on youtube to attract young voters. Dick.

To be honest, I preferred the days when politicians could throw punches. John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, who is to put it nicely a total tosser, won votes and public favour for this left jab.

BrassEye. I hope that Chris Morris has earned a cult following stateside. His criticisms of media when covering the most sensitive subjects, such as paedophilia, drug abuse and immigration may seem a little close to the bone, but how else are we to deal with public hysteria and corporate thought control amongst nations of idiots? If you can’t reconcile souped up graphics and sensational coverage with real issues on your doorstep then Morris has proved his point. Don’t rely on TV for anything – least of all opinion or direction on the most incendiary of social issues occurring on your doorstep. For the record, Morris was making fools of celebrities years before Sasha Baron Cohen came on the scene. Borat was stolen.

The Mighty Boosh. Many of the best British comedies begin as radio shows. That is why script based comedy endures. The visuals only add to surreal and unhinged narratives of Fielding and Barratt. In the final coup de gras, these two fellows took their ritalin-goth selves to the stage. On a trip of self exile to the outer reaches of Britian, they fell under the spell of Old Greg, a lonely and psychotic lake faerie. Any similarities here between Old Greg and Chapelle’s Rick James, Bitch?

As an aside, both Fielding and Barratt appeared as equally self absorbed characters in Nathan Barley, Morris’ latest contribution to an amoral Britain. Most people hated “Barley”. Those that didn’t jerk their knees frenziedly were those that were honest enough to see themselves in this utterly disgusting human. Laugh at yourselves, we are all idiots.

Peep Show. Nothing kinky here. The show’s name derives from the filming that only used character eye views for the entire season. Peep show is another example of male weakness being the only remaining subject left to chortle at uneasily. We live in an age of stifled laughter … hearty laughter belonged to our parents. Embarrassed laughter is all we have.

America. Embarrass yourselves through comedy, not politics.

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