I’ll sit and write a substantial fresh from my ass unsolicited and uneducated opinion at a later time– sorry for all those breathless in anticipation…

At work someone mentioned a website which can track people through their cell phones… Seemed a little unlikely but then we tried it out and, well I guess it’s not unlikely at all… So there’s yet another piece of information out there in the world about each and every one of us (except me) that can be used to track, evaluate and exploit… Check it out:


Not sure about the particulars but don’t use dashes between the segments of your number and include the area code… I think it works for all carriers but again I’m not sure…

Also I would suggest using someone else’s number because the site’s free and they gotta be making money somehow… As tasty as the banner ad is it’s probably not quite as

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lucrative as collecting and selling people’s numbers…

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