deskI’m writing this cialis 20 mg from underneath my desk, with a sheet draped over the sides and my hands locked behind my head. I don’t know (read: care) if you guys are alive out there, but I’ll post just in case. Is there any country – or even somewhat curious individual – that doesn’t have nuclear weapons at this point? I think there was a long-range warhead down by the trash cans for online viagra my apartment yesterday but when I went back to get it (after thinking it over: Do I really need one?) it was gone. Easy come, easy go. North Korea’s looking to make up for their first embarrassingly wussy test of nuclear arms with a second that they promise will be much more Hollywood. Now anyone who’s anyone in world politics must have apocalyptic power if they want to sit at the cool table. Welcome to the club N. Korea, we always knew we liked you. I’m pretty sure this exact scenario was brought up at the model UN at my high school, and even with the pugnacious single-mindedness of Acne McFannypack playing N. Korea and the rest of us half-paying attention, we still managed to diffuse the situation during 5th period. No, I know, I regret even making the comparison. It’s just too mind-bogglingly complex and forboding a situation to do anything else but make jokes. Meanwhile, I feel like this news has fallen upon terror-numb ears. The noise floor of anxiety these days is so high not even a nuclear test by an insane dictator can spike out of it. It’s been all over the news and most people I know are effectively ignoring it. And good for them, I suggest the same if you can manage. How long did the order viagra online end of the Cold War last again? I hope you all made the most of those 14 years online canadian pharmacy cuz here we go again. Personally, I feel like I wasted a large portion of them just understanding what the Cold War was in the naive thought that knowledge would prevent it from happening again. So many things I could have smoked instead! Well now I’m making up for lost time and plan to spend the entire Iran War and obliteration of Japan in a stupor of pills and Humphrey Bogart films. But honestly, I don’t think it’s pessimistic or alarmist at this point to say that we live in heavier times than I ever thought we would face, and I would encourage everyone who reads this blog at all to write and be heard and devote yourself to producing something for the rest of the world to hear. There are too many voiceless people across the world for us to throw away the opportunities of communication that are literally at our fingertips. It doesn’t have to be profound or even relevant, just expressive. I’m getting the feeling that if you don’t decide to buy generic viagra online fast shipping risk something for yourself, it will be risked for you and on someone elses terms. I don’t want to spend the next however many years cowering under a desk worrrying silently to myself. There’s only room under here for one or two more people and all I brought are some triscuits and easy cheese.

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