It would seem that my hostility towards consumerism does more than alienate me from the world but also has the added effect of leaving me stranded on the side of the information superhighway… I had to actually go back and type that last bit after a deep debate with myself… Anyways, my traditional approach to life is if something’s not incredibly cheap, on sale or free I don’t need it… Eventually I find myself the recepient of antiquated equipment which, for the purposes of this pocket of the internet, include a Windows 98 Office laptop, a G3

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desktop computer and, as of Monday, a first gen Titanium iBook with an airport card too

weak to pick up any signals in my living room… I guess you could

consider the results of my miserly behavior a bit ironic since it precludes me from amassing endless amounts of free shit that are available online… Where’s the porn, youtube, MP3s and news? Out of reach… I could step outside and buy versions of each in the real world but… I guess I don’t actually need it… But thanks goes out to the local television stations that carry satellite feeds from abroad which enable me to watch German and Russian cable news as well as SF’s own 5 Day News… Did you know that Somalia had been overrun by Islamic militants? I had no idea and I kind of feel that if I were trying to sift through the endless amount of articles generated by online newspapers with their automated feeds I never would have noticed… Ah, a forty and a couch suceed where technology has failed… And, 40oz aside, it was free… Okay, but I am at work, y’know…

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