After a week of working long hours and forgoeing personal indulgences for the sake of an ambiguous cocktail of dedication, masochism, and insecurity, one looks for signs of a deeper meaning. Could this girl be on to something (the title of the video on youtube is ‘Hot Girl

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on LSD’)? Or perhaps the answer lies in the magic of subversive artistic gestures… Maybe a devotion to an impressively large task – salvation through laborious methodology – is what’s calling to me. My Jesus would be a concept pop album about a small group of sweatshop workers from the phillipines who gather in secret weekly meetings to develop what will become the next must-have line of clotihng for the hipstocracy of the American coasts, recorded only with sounds made from the surfaces of my skin. When I take it to the stage it will beat out Rent as the definitive rock opera. Let’s see, what else do I have in my bag of musings… Oh yeah, I’ve been swearing that these pharmacy online australia reviews things have been hovering into my room at night and gassing me with low levels pharmacy assistant online course australia of antibiotics so that my immune system slowly becomes dependent on them and that guy sitting in the chair has me right where he wants me, and here’s the proof: At least I know I’m safe if Clinton is still out there, doing

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way more than his part: Giving a proportional response to the Fox News bullshit while raising over $7 billion for developing countries. He seems to be the only Democrat who can still go to battle against the noise machine and not order cialis from canada be totally dismissed: Yeah, I’ll say it, he’s a little bit of a hero for me. I recommend watching the whole intervew that’s now in two parts on youtube, and the spin that Fox News puts on it the next day. If you have any suggestions about where cialis ad video to find ‘it,’ please make use of the comments tool at the bottom of this post. Have a wonderful week everyone.

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