Quote of the Week:

The time has come for all good men to rise above principle.

Huey Long

Thanks to all the P.C. whining of the liberal media for the last few decades we got caught with our pants down on the world stage. One of our astronauts fainted like a girl. Why? The answer’s simple: she wasn’t a man. But then personned (not a word) space flights of any type are an incredible waste of time and resources. When I see a space shuttle launch these days, I feel like we’re humping Russia’s corpse.

Speaking of high-profile wastes of money, there was an excellent article recently posted on Salon describing (within the context of a book review) errors in strategic thinking that have dominated the US response to terrorism. Current policy does not address the looming need to materially disentangle our society and economy from the political beehive of the oil rich Middle East. But, like Pooh Bears unable or unwilling to notice that our honey lately is coming with an increased incidence of bee stings, we keep our paw stuck in the same damned hive.

But everyone knows we all want to do something about the air pollution and our dependency on foreign oil, and ABEC has the answer.

Coal is a cheap, abundant, local and ultimately clean energy resource. Coal mining sure is safe for workers, too. Seriously. D.H. Lawrence is a filthy liar. And a pervert.

The Americans for Balanced Energy Choices advocate a return to the clean air and blue skies of 19th century London. This return to the dangerous practices of a century people are generally too uneducated to know much about sounds like an excellent foundation for a policy platform. We can also increase prostitution to fight the spread of pornography, revive press gangs to stave off high unemployment figures, and place decapitated heads at our cities’ bridges to turn back the recent rise in violent crime.

While China’s textile exports industry continues to trade dump and obliterate the world’s competition, European and Pan-American governments are sitting on their hands when they could be taking the initiative and getting China’s ruling class addicted to opium.

I first became interested in learning about coal when I noticed that loquacious, well-funded pre-teens were a sponsor on CNN’s Web site. It’s terrific to see a non-partisan, non-profit organization, through dint of grassroots enthusiasm and guided by pure didacticism, scrounge up the cash to pay for advertising space at CNN.com

While the debate about how to sustain societies and economies through peak oil and beyond is not likely to start in the US any time soon—given the apparent tolerance for oil-related violence and pollution—other governments and organizations functioning as something other than blatant corporate shills have some ideas.

But these are complicated issues; so, to narrow my point a little, I’d like to comment on Keith’s terrific Deadwood post. What’s fascinating about Deadwood is that because there is no lawful authority, influence and image count for everything.

We appear to be living in similar quicksand.

Watch seasons one and two of Deadwood, which address, among other things, journalistic integrity in the face of coercion. Then read this article. What kind of article about anything has a title that ends with the word “maybe?” What sort of whore would engage in such irresponsible cheerleading? What is a humanities degree these days anyway?

I remember thinking this person, like Huey Long, was pretty bad when I first heard about him, but I think the new breed is worse.

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