Digg is does half cialis work the newest form of citizen journalism. Instead of being based on user created content (blogging is so 2004), digg is challenging the authority of editors everywhere by giving people the power to decide what content should be highlighted.
All over the world regular Joes, highschool geeks canadianpharmacy-cialistop and IT professionals are becoming media moguls. With a simple click of a button they can send thousands of eyes to the URL of their choice.

In my mind there are some pro’s and con’s to digg and its relationship with journalism, but that’s a different post.

Currently I (muay, me, yours truly) am a top digger (in the top 50 at least). I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but… toot toot. While I have risen to my status, as one of the top 50 diggers, through serendipitous beginnings (I had no idea what I was really doing), I have kept that status by developing some basic methods which I think can help all diggers.

These ‘rules’ aren’t all inclusive, nor are they mandatory. Because truth be told, there is no magic to being a good digger. It simply requires being a geek and having a lot of spare time. But since I’m still tooting my own horn, I’ll pretend that I have discovered some trade secrets which I will divulge here.

1. Friends Rule!

Digg is both a bookmarking website and a social networking site. Find some friends. But be careful who you choose. As in all things, they reflect and effect you. Don’t just go around declaring friends. Nobody likes it on MySpace and nobody likes it on Digg. But you should make friends and maintain that relationship. They aren’t high maintenance. It usually requires some reading, clicking and a call once a year on their birthday.

Making friends is easier to do with Digg V 3.0, so put yourself out there, but make sure you check out what your new playmates are submitting, what goes to the front page and find out who their friends are. Are their subjects they particularly like? If their submissions are good, Digg them. The more you diggith, the more you shall recieveth. Yes, this is “gamming” the system if you want to be cynical about it. But I look at it more as having fun on the Internet — it’s a geek niche website people — trading diggs isn’t like embezzling money.

2. Don’t sell out

I’ve been approached by a few start-ups to Digg their sites. I’m sure other high diggers have too. I’ve even submitted some, but only after paying close attention to the content. The fact is, your reputation is on the line if it’s a lame site. It’s one thing to propagate something you believe in, it’s another ed online pharmacy to just go around generic soft viagra trying to do favors for people cause you think you’ll get a backrub out of it.
3. Digg in your niche

There are lots of subjects to choose from in Digg. If you follow sports in general and baseball in particular, that’s what you should digg. Since you follow it anyways, you’ll have a better nose for what’s newsworthy. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t venture into other topics. Some of the new topics like Television or Offbeat news are easier to break out in.

4. Never be afraid to submit.

While I said you should stay away from doing favors and digging press releases people send you, you shouldn’t be afraid to digg. What’s the worst that will happen? Your mother will still love you. It’s always nice to get a surprise from those offbeat submissions that make it to the front. Yes, your reputation is on the line so-to-speak, but if you honestly find something interesting, then that’s all the reasons you need to sumbit.

5. Comments Come and Go

( In full disclosure I have a different philosophy from most people on the subject of social bookmarking etiquette)
I personally think it’s fine to link back to your submission in a comment on another person’s digg if it’s relevant. You shouldn’t go spamming your link (just like you shouldn’t comment spam blogs), but if you are doing it with the intent to start a conversation around something similar, go right ahead. To me it’s just like emailing a friend a cool link. Others get annoyed with this practice.

Whether or not you link back, it’s never bad to put out a reasonable comment. It’s probably best to keep the Hitler jokes to yourself and just add something to the female cialis conversation. It’s a good way to make friends and sometimes starting a comment that sparks a debate is the best thing for a digg submission. After all, the point is to contribute to the flow of information/conversation.

Never take it personal if someone points out a dupe and never be afraid to point one out yourself — it just comes with the territory

6. Digg regularly

A day without digging is like a day without sunshine. That’s also to say you should use your momentum. If you have a frontpage story, that means a lot of people are looking at your profile and the other submissions you recently put out. Timing is everything and since most people digg during working hours (when the big bossman isn’t around) the best time to start is between 9-10am EST.

7. Have fun with it

Like blogging this isn’t a full time job for most people. Don’t freak out and become a recluse from your friends so you can digg longer. Make sure you see the sun at least 15 minutes a day.

My own personal Digg Dream
8. Don’t Digg Kevin Rose (Not a crowd pleaser, I know)

I’m probably alone on this one, pharmacy pay rate canada but I think it would really show the power of the people if his next submission didn’t make it to the front page — no one should be above the rule of democracy on digg, not even its playboy founder Rose. Having one of his submissions not hit the front page viagra female pills would be proof that Digg voters are more than fanboys — they can be critical and engaged voters. Until that happens, my view of digg is slightly faltered: It does have an editor, one man who can put anything on the front page anytime he wants.

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