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Well, we just had a really interesting discussion. I told the Prime Minister that the United States strongly supports a free and independent and sovereign Lebanon. We took great joy in seeing the Cedar Revolution. We understand that the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the street to express their desire to be free required courage, and we support the desire of the people to have a government responsive to their needs and a government that is free, truly free.

We talked about the need to make sure that there is a full investigation on the death of former Prime Minister Hariri, and we’ll work with the international community to see that justice is done. We talked about the great tradition of Lebanon to serve as a model of entrepreneurship and prosperity. Beirut is one of the great international cities, and I’m convinced that if Lebanon is truly free and independent and democratic, that Beirut will once again regain her place as a center of financial and culture and the arts.

There’s no question in my mind that Lebanon can serve as a great example for what is possible in the broader Middle East; that out of the tough times the country has been through will rise a state that shows that it’s possible for people of religious difference to live side-by-side in peace; to show that it’s possible for people to put aside past histories to live together in a way that the people want, which is, therefore, to be peace and hope and opportunity.

And so, Mr. Prime Minister, we’re really glad you’re here. I want to thank you for the wonderful visit we’ve had, and welcome you here to the White House.

-President Bush, April 19, 2006

Why the hell is Israel attacking Lebanon? I’m sure the 61 people killed near the airport and along main roads had everything to do with those 2 soldiers going missing. So much for proportionality or negotiation or any sign that something more than simple barbarism is driving this attack. I thought Bush was a Republican. Shouldn’t he be pointing out that Israel President Moshe Katsav is simply wagging the dog?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am shocked, shocked, that a deeply spiritual, virtuous, born-again President like Bush would take a philanderer as a partner in the solemn duty of prosecuting the war on terror and girding western civilization to fight the orcs or whatever.

Maybe the two of them can go together and get one of those second virginities that are available now through some Christian denominations. Oh! Oh ho ho! Whoops! Prescott Bush would spin in his grave to see his grandson running around with a money changer. Plus the jowels down at the chapel wouldn’t like it too much neither.
In that case, he’d probably consider it best to just pretend this attack isn’t happening (along with the other attacks) while quietly sticking it to the Jews on the domestic front. I don’t know, is that an effective strategy?


Hey! Hey! Hello! Jews! They’re splitting you down the middle like they did with the Catholics! WAKE UP!

I’m so mad I’m spitting like a llama. I’m going to move somewhere where religion doesn’t factor into foreign policy.

Oh wait . . .

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