I’d like to address what I feel is a complete lack of perspective by the Democratic party, of respect for the bible belt by the media, and of what we call cajones south cialis for daily use maximum dose of the fiercely guarded border, by canadian pharmacy discount drugs any charismatic viagra generic leader smart enough to read the paper every day. Specifically, the information documented in this (I hate to cite the rag but nothing means anything anymore so whatever, right?) Rolling Stone article and a recent analysis of Democratic strategy by the New Yorker. People can get lost in the details. People can also completely ignore the details and still make the right decision. Most of us have been burned by the former and the people who rely on the latter enough to make any sort of decision feel genericcialis-onlineed like your in the rat maze of some 13 year old with a cattle prod. That’s why we have leaders who have a knack for finding a path through all the hmming and hahing. The Democratic party doesn’t need to find the right concoction of issues to cater to a middle majority that they treat as some Damien child that can make or break their campaign on a whim. It’s a pandering without any real respect for the people whose votes you want so desperately. Anyone who’s tried to court a member of the opposite sex who knows she’s attractive can tell you how appetizing desparation smells. The DNC is paying a third-party company a bunch of money to tell them how to speak to this foreign and flighty demographic, handing out pamphlets that sound like instructions written for robots on how to care for animals. The impression this gives is that the DNC views the middle as an alien other with incredible power, which right now is true. Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi are making murderous and embarrassing invectives against enemies of the U.S. in an effort to change the perception of Dems as soft on national security. As the New Yorker article observes, if you have to say you’re tough, you’re not. Not only is this all very bile boiling, it’s just poor strategy. Everyone can see the insincerity, the calculations, it’s just that the loyal left – like me – agree with the ends and so continue to cross their fingers and hope for the best. I’m betting the amount of money being poured into think tanks and strategists for both parties would solve many poor countries’ infrastructure problems. So what to do? At this point it’s difficult for the DNC to come off as having some core ideals that they didn’t just cobble together from polls. They need to pick a single voice, no matter how imperfect because they’re all imperfect, go after the incredible amounts of buy generic cialis online corruption (of which I suspect we’ve barely scratched the surface), and stop the media speculation about what the strategy will be for fall. We’re going to win, next question. Even the New Yorker is ashamed of the bickering messages being bandied about. And most importantly, despite the media veil that says otherwise, keep in mind that Kerry didn’t really fuck up. Whether or not you think that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is full of shit, I think it’s important to note that if the same discrepancy between exit polls and actual numbers happened in a third world country, everyone would’ve called BS. Part

of it is the comfort I feel in thinking that the country that I live in wouldn’t have elected an obvious liar (no matter what his politics) but I think the biggest fumbling of the trump card the Dems have been handed by way of lies and corruption would be to cater to voters who don’t want to be catered to, they want to be lead.

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