After three days of dedicated television viewing, speaking in tongues and consuming enough pie and coffee to send half of the continent into convulsions we had grasped in the dark for some way to continue the experience… Something akin, I suppose, to post-ejaculate depression which may or may not be a cointed psuedo-scientific term but there is a band called PED after it… Twin Peaks was finished and now it was back to the real world, back to our lives, back to the day to day or in one person's case– off to New York for fun and excitement… Â The only near-plausible concept for another event which could corrale the four of us onto the couch with plates of food and senseless 4am conversations about plot deviations and how much James sucks was to attempt to construct a chain of movies which could flow together thematically, like a successful mix-tape… What exactly this could mean or how it would be arranged is beyond me but the idea of watching all three “Back to the Future” movies was beaten down with clubs and left to bleed it out behind a McDonald's dumpster… Didn't think about it at the time but I had already wrapped some sandwiches in a handkerchief and slung a stick over my back… Adrzej Wajda's war trilogy seemed to touch off a reborn fascination with similar political dramas that have

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slowly been amassed and run through the DVD player… Roberto Rosselini's first film, “Open City” and its neo-realist approach had been a pretty obvious influence on Wajda's first two films and carried a different perspective on the same theme– an occupied people's struggles… So I'd conveniently blocked out the melodramatic scenes from my memory but even the laughable hysterics and touching pride can't mar a historical triumph… Last night I skipped over “Falcon and the Snowman” and sat down with a pot of popcorn to watch viagra non prescription alternative Costa-Gavras' “Z”, a very modern film based on the assassination and attempted cover-up of the Greek leftist member of parliment Grigoris Lambrakis, which I'd seen once before and was infuriated during the entire viewing… The disbelief and anger was a little abated the second time around, tho because I've grown more jades or bitter or because I knew what to expect I couldn't say… Some of the more powerful scenes are Gavras's use of location shots, directing throngs of people, squadrons of police and capturing the complete chaos of mob violence and street fighting… Watching a staunch pacifist take a rock to the head and still refuse to allow his associates to lash back in defence hits your gut the same as watching reactionary thugs taunt the bleeding hippies sprawling out on the ground refusing to fight back, the same as the line of police refusing to intervene… All of this over an anti-nuclear rally and the anti-communist sentiments of rabid nationalists… Earlier in cialis 10 mg the day I became aware of the fact that I'd totally blanked on election day… Not only was this the first time since turning 18 that I'd skipped the vote but it was also the first time I can remember not knowing anything about what the issues were supposed to be about… The right to vote has always been a pretty hot topic when growing up, my father probably ready and willing to physically drag me to the polls had I refused to go on my own… I grew up watching the news and reading the paper, bitching about the state of things and caring just enough to think everything was stupid… Not much has changed, of course, except that I'm most often watching Deutsch-Welle instead of local news and I can't even look at the Chronicle anymore without wanting to laugh and cry… The fucking fact that I didn't even know it was election day until someone leaving work mentioned it made me feel like I may as well have been shooting black in the how is cialis different from viagra south and setting freedom rider busses on fire… Of course I'm not a democrat so

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the primary was the least of my concerns (tho I would have voted for Barbara Becnel, as embarassing as that may be) but watching “Z” after watching “Open City” after canadian foundation for pharmacy innovation gala watching “A Generation”, “Kanal” and “Ashes and Diamonds” really reaffirms just how much easier it's gotten for people who believe in “what's right” to express their opinions and try to make a difference somehow… The totaltarian regimes are not photographing you, there are no long black cars down the block following you and when you walk across the street to give a little pep talk about how nice flowers are you're probably not going to be brained in full view of a police cordon…  Yeah, whatever, it's just guilt and I would have felt just as guilty (if not more) voting on isses I'd not even bothered to investigate… Every year I skip a lot of shit on the ballot I don't understand because I don't think it's very responsible to vote on shit you know nothing about… Now I'm just totally irresponsible instead of partially… And I've been wanting to watch “Battle of Algiers” again for a really long time…

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